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Communication Earplug

CEP508-C15 Communications Earplug (CEP) - The CEP is a device that provides the exceptional protection of an expanding foam earplug while passing to the ear the clearest speech signal attainable. Miniature transducers and foam earplugs are coupled in a unique arrangement to yield a lightweight, high quality communications device that can be used alone or in combination with circumaural hearing protection. Combining the foam earplug and the sound transducer into a single unit results in a simple but effective approach for providing the user with excellent sound attenuation and unparalleled speech intelligibility. The foam tip is attached to the transducer using a threaded hollow tube. This provides a pathway that allows sound to travel from the transducer, unimpeded, into the occluded ear canal. The noise reduction of the foam eartips coupled with exceptional quality speech signals enable the user to achieve extremely high speech intelligibility in the noisiest environments.


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