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     Communications & Hearing Protection, Inc. (CEP, Inc.) is a growing manufacturer of quality commuinications systems for military and civilian aviation use. In 1999, CEP, Inc. began manfacturing and marketing the communications earplug (CEP) for use by anyone in need of hearing protection and voice communications.


The CEP is a device that provides the exceptional protection of an expanding foam earplug while passing to the ear the clearest speech signal attainable. Miniature transducers and foam earplugs are coupled to yield a high quality communications device that can be used alone or in combination with circumaural hearing protection. Combining the foam earplug and the sound transducer into a single unit results in a simple but effective approach for providing the user with excellent sound attenuation and unparalleled speech intelligibilty in even the noisiest environments. Presently, CEP, Inc. is the major supplier of the communications earplug to the U.S. and international military and civilian markets. 


CEP, Inc. has also developed and markets the Communications Enhancement and Protection Systems (CEPS). This system combines highly sensitive microphones, micro-circuitry and the communications earplug to create a device that enhances sound detection and localization, improves face to face communications, and provides hearing protection for impact and continuous noise and rapid cut-off and recovery during weapons firing. This device has also found a ready military market in aviation and ground operations. 


If you have an application for these systems that you would like to discuss with us, please call. 



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